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    1. There are two types of football that I know of, one being “soccer” and the other being American “football”. Id like to know how football came to be soccer in the U.S and American Football “Football”. In my opinion, “soccer” makes more sense being called football since you are only allowed to use your foot while playing and American football seems more like a different form of rugby.
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      How did American Football start and how did it evolve to be what it is today? has it always been called American football in the U.S?

      Serious answers from people that know please.

      Answer by Melo+Stat
      It basicly was rugby back in the days when thy had no pads. But football was always called football. The American way to call football (international) is soccer. Everyone else out the states call it football. We call it soccer

    2. Why do the countries that call soccer, football, care that we call it soccer? It would be very impractical to call soccer,football, in the US because we already have a game called football. Yes, it is a little wierd that we call amerian football, football, but why does any other country care. Other countries do not understand our love of american football and thats okay but soccer is just a term that we use. Deal with it.
      The British originally, called football, soccer, we just kept the name going after they decided to use the name football, instead.

      Answer by troy Biddiss
      Football defonatly its is ariganal name americans just wanted to be differant to everyone else so they just named it soccor kinda sad if you ask me


    3. Ive always wondered why they call “American Football” – “Football”.

      They rarely use their foot in the game. Is it because the ball is shaped like a foot? I… dont really think thats why. Is it because the person who invented American Football is named “Football”?

      Football by the way is more appropriate for Soccer. Which shouldnt even be called soccer. Since Football uses their foot and the only times they dont is when they Throw In the ball or if the goalkeeper catches the ball with his hands.

      Every time I search for answers in Yahoo Answers, the americans say soccer is a bad sport and swear a lot. I dont see why soccer is a bad sport. It IS the best sport in the world. You cant deny it.

      But I guess the real question here is WHY they call American Football with “American Football”.

      I hope I dont start a riot. For the hardcore fans, please dont swear and say the other sport sucks without giving a reasonable answer.


      Answer by vancleve001
      The foot is used in every instance of the game. How do the players move?…..with their feet!

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